CBD for Sleep? Here’s a tip

woman with insomnia

If you're wanting to use CBD for sleep here is a quick tip that could change everything for you...

First, understand this, CBD is directly affecting your serotonin receptors which are going to have many effects but the important thing to know is that more of this particular receptor is going to help you chill out!  It can have an anti-anxiety effect on you.  Depending on the current chemical connections being made in your brain at the time, it can help many other areas like addiction, appetite, pain perception, nausea, and vomiting.  For now, we’re just talking sleep quick…

So, what this means is that when taking CBD your body is going to want to send more signals in your favor to do what you need it to do.  In this case, sleep better, sleep deeper.

Here is your quick fix and how you can drastically change your quality of sleep with your CBD products if you aren’t already doing this….

All you need to do is take it RIGHT before you fall asleep.  Keep it on your nightstand, put your phone down, take your CBD oil, turn the lights off and hit the sack.  Lights out!  What I am hearing from many customers is that they are taking it waaaaay to early.  30-60 minutes prior to bed and are still in the light, still on their phones, still stimulating themselves and not allowing the shut down to happen.  Taking CBD RIGHT before you fall asleep will help you fall asleep faster and sleep sooo much deeper.   

That is the most common fix and trick of the trade.  Try it out, let us know!  

Recommended CBD Sleep Products

cbdMD PM Tincture

If you're looking for an extra boost for falling asleep, don't look past cbdMD's PM Tincture. The addition of melatonin is a great 'lights out' formula. Quicker effect compared to the Soft Gels

cbdMD PM Soft Gel

cbdMD’s PM Soft Gels are the easiest way to take the proper dosage of CBD and Melatonin. The only con is that this will take a bit longer to take effect. Available in 30 or 60 count.

Bye Bye Insomnia My Friends

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