CBD Bath Bombs: They work!

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CBD Bath Bombs are well...The Bomb!!

I live in an environment that is constantly cold (at least for me) 365 days a year!  There are very few days that make me think, “OMG! Today is a perfect 10!”

With the winds, overcast days, and temps in the 40s-50’s constantly, I’m always bundled up and can’t wait to get inside (even a car is a nice respite).

On those especially cold days, I like to take a hot shower and warm up.  One day I decided, “Hey, today was a rough day at work and I could use some relaxation”.  So I reached for my bag of epsom salts and poured it into my bath and had a relaxing time.

The next morning while I was getting ready for work, a thought occurred to me, “Why not experiment with a CBD bath bomb? Yeah it’s supposed to be ‘feminine’, but who the heck cares!?”

With that thought in mind, I set out to research CBD bath bombs across the internet.  I found a TON of products in my research, not to mention lots of positive reviews on all the brands.

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CBD Bath Bomb Introduction

After much research, review reading, and price comparison, I decided to take the plunge with cbdMD and their high potency 100mg broad spectrum CBD bath bomb.

They were available in 4 different aromas.  Lavender, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Blend.  When I ordered my first trial bath bomb, they were a bit more expensive than they are today.  I paid $16 (with shipping) for one bomb.  Yeah, that’s pretty pricey for a bath bomb, but hey, this was a cheap investment in a trial.

So I decided on the Lavender aroma and I have to say, the package arrived smelling very nice 🙂

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Setting up the CBD Bath Bomb Trial

I knew that if I were to test the CBD Bath Bomb to it’s fullest extent, I’d have to be in some pretty bad shape, physcially.

So, off to the gym!  I went with a good friend and we tag teamed the dumbbells and barbells.

Whooo…what a workout.  He pushed me past my limit.  That’s both good and bad.  I felt great afterwards, but sitting in the car on the drive home, the pain set in quite quickly.  PERFECT!!

What's the CBD Bath Bomb Experience?

So, I prepared the bath (thankfully I didn’t have to scrub it first).  I waited for the bath to fill up and then I proceeded to open the CBD Bath Bomb packaging and dropped it into the tub.  Watching the effervescence, brought me back to my childhood with volcanoes and baking soda, hehe.

I knew I had to be in there for at minimum 20 minutes.  After reading many of the reviews, many people stated 20-30 minutes soak time.  So, to stave off boredom, I put my phone in a ZipLoc bag and queued up, “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Yes, the bath was really hot, I was dripping with sweat, but wow, did I feel great.  The water turned silky, almost like butter.  The ingredients really turned the bath into something you’d expect from a spa.  I was so relaxed and enjoying the movie that I missed the 20 minute mark and went to 30 minutes.

After I showered real quickly and drained the tub, I got out of the tub and felt SO GOOD!  I’ll be absolutely honest, I didn’t think I’d feel any different than taking just a plain epsom salt bath, but here we are.

I didn’t think I’d need to apply any body lotion because the skin softeners in the bath bomb, I felt, were sufficient.

I went into the kitchen to hydrate myself from such a hot bath.  As I was pouring my glass of water a wave of exhaustion hit me.  It really felt like someone pulled the plug on me.  I walked back to the bedroom, charged up my phone, turned off the lights and ZONK!  I was out within 2 minutes of hitting the pillow.

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CBD Bath Bomb After Effects

Generally after a hard workout, and especially after yesterday’s workout, I expected to be in so much pain.  Pain with every arm raise, with every step, with every bend.  I was preparing myself for the morning cringe.


I was in such a great mood!  I awoke before my alarm.  I sat at the edge of my bed pressing on all of the muscles that I figured would be painful to the touch.  Yeah, there was some tenderness, but it wasn’t to the level that I was expecting.  I sat there, truly amazed in wonder at how well the CBD Bath Bomb worked.  As I sauntered to the kitchen to make breakfast, I realized I had a lot more energy than I expected; not only that, but I was in a great mood too.  Amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for that body, mind and soul.

Convinced yet?

My experience with the CBD Bath Bomb definitely reflected the experiences that other people have reported.


If my story enticed you to at least try out a CBD Bath Bomb, I suggest you look at higher concentration bath bombs.  I’ve seen them as low as 25 mg up to 200 mg.  I went with the 100 mg concentration and I felt great.  I can only imagine how well I’d feel if I went with a higher concentration.  Maybe start with a 60mg or higher and look for skin softening ingredients like shea butter and essential oils.

Recommended CBD Bath Bomb Products

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