Can CBD help with allergies?

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What are allergies?

Allergies are reactions within your body that attempts to remove the offending invader.  In this case, your body reacts by trying to rid the body through coughing, sneezing, runny noses, and itching.  Usually allergies are just annoyances and managed with OTC meds or home remedies.  Other allergies can be fatal (peanut allergies for example).

We can have an allergy to almost anything on this planet.  A good portion of the human race suffer from seasonal allergies brought on by pollen.  Almost 8% of American adults have hay fever.  Globally about 10-30% have some sort of hay fever.  But, many more have allergies to food, dust mites, animals and even prescribed medicine.

CBD's anti-inflammatory effects

Cannabinoids including CBD have been studied and believed to be anti-inflammatory.  Early reports from studies on mice, humans and cells shows lots of promise for inflammation reduction with the use of CBD.  Of course, more studies will be needed for concrete information on how much to take and how often.  But, as of right now, anecdotal evidence seems to be more and more abundant everyday.

Cannabidiol (CBD) reacts on 2 nerve receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), CB1 and CB2.

CBD and Histamines

What are histamines? Histamines are molecules that sends signals between cells.  It tells the brain to make melatonin when you go to sleep.  It tells your stomach to make bile to digest food.  Wonder why you get sleepy when you take Benadryl?  The histamines are blocked in your brain and your body says, “oh hey, sleepy time”.

But, histamines are CRUCIAL in protecting the body against invaders, like pollen.

Yeah to us being of intelligent beings on this planet, we know pollen is quite harmless.  But, don’t tell that to our immune system!  For some people histamines go into overdrive attacking the invaders with the force of a tsunami.  Histamines tell all the cells, “we’re under attack!” and then the body goes and creates all the pathways to rid the body of the invader.  Runny noses, itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing.  All of these methods are used to “expel” the invader.

How does CBD help then?  CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects are quite effective in reducing all of your allergic symptoms.  Stuffy nose? Itchy skin?  Those are all inflammation from the effects of histamines overreacting.  CBD will tell your body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors to block those signals and bring your body back to normal.  Lowering inflammation will allow you to breath better and stop itching.  Finding your correct dosage and administration method is your next steps.

CBD Dosing and Methods

As with any supplemental drug on the market, there are guidelines on how much and how frequently you should take the supplement.  This is no different with CBD.  Trial and error is what’s needed to find your “sweet spot” of CBD milligram intake.  I’ve written a post on how to find your sweet spot.

Inhaling CBD is the quickest way to get alleviation.
Oral tinctures under the tongue is the 2nd quickest way to alleviation.
Ingestibles (gel capsules/gummies) are the slowest way to alleviation.

Just a note, if you find that CBD does work for your allergies, it’s best to keep taking it during the season so that your body stays in homeostasis.  Thus, limiting your irritable allergy symptoms.

What CBD can't do for allergies

Quick and dirty: CBD cannot cure your allergies.  CBD cannot cure ANYTHING!  It’s mother nature’s answer to OTC drugs.  OTC drugs like steroids used for hay fever and other allergies offer relief for sure, but they come at a cost of side effects.  No one should be on steroids for the long term.  This is why CBD is a great natural fix for your symptoms.  Your symptoms might not go away 100%, but you could reduce them quite a lot.  To the point where your allergy would be easy to live with.

Final thoughts

I for one have used CBD for allergies.  I was skeptical at first, but I figured, “hey, I have it, might as well try it”.  One day I had a really BAD allergic reaction to pollen and I was absolutely miserable.  I took my Hemplucid Water Soluble 1500mg dose and added it to my morning coffee.  After about 30mins of finishing my cup of joe, I did start to feel a bit better.  My breathing wasn’t as labored to inhale and I didn’t sneeze as much.  CBD did not alleviate all of my symptoms, but it did make it so that my allergies didn’t interfere with my daily workload.

If you are interested in taking CBD for your allergies or have already taken steps in testing CBD for your allergies, we’d love to hear your experiences.

Leave a comment below and thank you!

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