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About Hempbase CBD

Hempbase CBD is a USA based company in Irvine, California.  They made their name with their portable and easy to use disposable vape pens.  Once you take one look at their branding and marketing, you’ll understand who is their target market.

Gradients? Minimal design? “cheeky” product descriptions?  It just screams, “millenials”.

Regardless of who they target, their products were a HUGE sales hit in my vape shop with the local college.  Hempbase has a HUUUUGE following on Instagram, with other social media venues trailing distantly.

College? Instagram? Millenials? Yeah, they knew their market and nailed it.

Besides all the hoopla about their branding and marketing, I’d like to say that their vape pens are actually really good.  Great flavors, great effectiveness, and most importantly, very affordable.

Since they became very successful with their vape pens, they’ve been able to expand their product lineup to tinctures, gummies, and topicals.  Hat tip to them!

What's Unique About Hempbase CBD

  • USA grown and sourced hemp
  • Non-GMO and Pesticide free and Herbicide Free
  • Tested for purity by an independent lab
  • Offering 21-day money back guarantee
  • Free Shipping on all US Domestic orders over $20
    • Almost everything is over $20

Hempbase Testimonials

It gave me the focus boost i needed and it tasted amazing! I felt a calm feeling for hours after vaping. Cant wait to try the other pens!
I really enjoyed this one especially because it helped with my anxiety the best.
The ordering process was easy and I received my order super fast. And the flavor is amazing. 10/10
Great! I had received this item for free because I had spent over a certain amount and now I won't let my cart go without it. The flavor is like a orange Popsicle but not overpowering. Can't wait to try the others.

Hempbase CBD Products I've Used

I was so intrigued with the popularity of the vape pens by my customer base, that I HAD to try one for myself.  I had a choice between the 4 flavors and effects; Mimosa for Recovery, Blue Dream for Sleep, Tropic Thunder for Focus, and Lemon Up for Energy.  So I tried the Lemon Up.  I’m a fan of citrus flavors anyway, so it was a no-brainer.

If you didn’t know, vaping or inhaling ANY drug (recreational or prescribed) is the fastest method for effectiveness.  Once the drug reaches the bloodstream, it starts it’s work almost immediately.  Taking a couple of drags from the disposable Lemon Up vape pen, I could feel the effects within seconds!  A feeling of euphoria and relaxation was felt.  It wasn’t the “high” you get from inhaling cannabis and THC, but it was definitely an uplifting experience.

The flavor was very good and only 2-3 puffs was all that I needed.  Looking at the box, it shows that there’s approximately 160 puffs in the 0.5ml 200mg pen.  Taking 2-3 puffs per session means that this pen will last quite a while.  I’ve had the pleasure of introducing these pens to “non-millenials” and they were quite taken aback at how effective it was for them.  Most feeling the same effects I did, except for one person.  She needed many more puffs to feel ‘something’.  Guess it’s not 100% effective for everyone with just 2-3 puffs.  Everyone was very impressed with the flavors which was a positive.



  • Packaging could be smaller
  • Maybe offer multipacks or variety packs so everyone can sample every flavor with a slight discount
  • Disposable=More landfill

Hempbase CBD's other products

Offering 4 flavors in only 1 concentration of 250mg for 30ml, Hempbase CBD Tinctures are a great way to get the same effects as the disposable vape pens for those of us who don’t inhale CBD.  Reading the reviews on Hempbase’s site, you can see that flavor is a major attraction point.  Lots of people want to use it just for the taste alone.

Hempbase also offers higher concentration tinctures, but they’re natural flavored (read: hempy flavored).

Pricing for all tinctures are amazingly affordable.

Vegan CBD Gummies

Hempbase gummies

At only $10 for 20 pieces of gummies, Hempbase CBD made them very affordable.

Fruit flavored mix of orange, cherry, and strawberry at 5mg each gummy, it’s going to be hard to stop at just 2 or 3.  I’m sure you can finish the whole bag within minutes, but let’s hope you don’t.


Expanding their lineup, Hempbase CBD created their CBD Cream for those of us who are looking to get pinpointed pain relief.  With the menthol and wonderfully scented cream, you only need 2-3 pumps and rub it into sore muscles and joints.  You may feel relief almost immediately.  I’ve always been a fan of topicals and find them to be quite effective.  Maybe this cream will be a great gift idea for an elder in your family.

Hempbase's Return Policy and Contact

Shipping and Returns

All orders are processed and shipped within 2-4 business days.  All orders over $20 is shipped FREE.

International shipping IS NOT available.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Hempbase CBD purchase for any reason, please return the product(s) for a full refund within 21 days.  Items MUST be unopened to be returnable.

Your return will be processed and your account credited within 5 to 10 business days from the day your return is received.

Contact customer service first for your RMA#.

Return shipping fees are not refunded.

Contacting Hempbase


Email: hello@hempbase.com

Phone: (888)340-9928

18575 Jamboree RD STE 600
Irvine, CA 92612
United States

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